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Misc Resource Notes

Aaron Timms tells me:


  • Students get Unix accounts. If on Cubist or one of our project machines (amlia, kiska, umnak) the accounts get cleaned up at the end of the quarter.
  • We install git on Linux and Windows.
  • Anybody can start a service on a high (> 1024) TCP port, be it on localhost or on any routable IP addresses on the box.
  • The hadoop cluster hasn't been used in a long time- several years, it’s powered down probably for good. Applying for a Cloud grant as previously mentioned is advised over any local option.  Other NoSQL stuff- not sure what we have to install at the system level, but people can always download and build their own.
  • For DNS: We have in the past created various hostnames under for the use with virtual hosts. It's cheap and easy.
  • If people want to run a web service on some high port and have that available on a lab-supported HTTPD instance with a virtualhost, that's also cheap and easy. That gives them their stuff can be right at the root.

CSE 403 projects have historically used our local  Instructional Web and Database server (Cubist.cs) to publish course projects (details of what's possible there in the link below).  The course will also have its own /projects area where course groups can store data/repositories for the quarter (ie protected, persistent storage). Students do not have 'root' privileges on laboratory workstations.  On Windows workstations they can install software within their session, but changes are wiped out at logout.  Students can run VM's on Windows workstations, not on Linux.  The use of VMs on lab machines are intended to be for in-session testing only and not for persistent hosting/service. There is the possibility of us spinning up a hosted course Virtual Server if your needs are such that you (or course staff) need more control over packages and serving content.  We would set up a vanilla Virtual Server and your staff would be responsible for *all* administration and customization.  These are rarely requested, but I did want to put the option out there.