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(Likely -- actually guaranteed -- to change as the quarter progresses)

 Date         Lecture     Reading Project Due DatesAssignment Due Dates Comments
 9/24 IntroductionGit, GitHub, Team Structure   
 9/25     Tools and Runtimes
  Proposal Details
 9/26 Teams    
 9/28      Proposals 
 10/1 Proposals, Software Lifecycle Lifecycle modelsScrum   
Software Lifecycle, part 2    
 10/4   Quiz Section: Requirements    
 10/5Requirements, part 1    
 10/8    Requirements, part 2, Design, Part 1
Hints for Computer System Design, 5 Paper Prototyping Tips
Requirements (first pass)  
 10/10Design, Part 2, Architecture, Part 1
 10/12Architecture, Part 2    
 10/15UML(Optional Reading) UML class diagrams, UML state diagrams, UML sequence diagrams
Process Plan
 (first pass)
 10/17Architecture, Part 3,
Requirements: Car Remote Review
 10/18Quiz Section: Projects
 10/19From Requirements to Design: Case study,
Version Control
Testing in the Wild
 Revised Requirements, Arch/Design/Tools/Process Plan,
 Guest lecture: David Creemer

 10/25 Quiz Section Exercise Part 2   Exercise 2 
 10/26Review for Midterm    
 10/29MidtermThe Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code, CSE 403 Project Wrapup   
 10/31Requirements to Design, Part II    
 11/01 Quiz Section: Midterm Review and Exercise   Exercise 3 
 11/02Women in Technology
Sharon's Slides
Bias Persists for Women of Science, a Study Finds,
The Myth of Male Decline
   Guest lecture: Sharon Wienbar
 11/05Version control, Deployment  First Release  
 11/07 Presentations    
 11/08     Quiz Section: URL Validator    
 11/09 Testing, Part I    
 11/12    Veterans Day
 11/14Testing, Part II
 11/15    Quiz Section: Exercise 4   Exercise 4 
 11/16Scale, Careers
 11/19You're late, Careers, Part 2
Building Large Scale Distributed Systems, How Microsoft Lost Its Mojo (special attention to page 3, "The Bell Curve")

 Second Release  
 11/22 Thanksgiving
 11/23NO CLASS    
 11/26Ari Steinberg Introduction, Megascale, Facebook Evolution
    Guest lecture: Ari Steinberg
 11/30Customers and users (AARRR -- A pirate's approach)
 12/03Enterprise software, Lean startup Final Release
 12/05Retrospective, review Wrap Up  
 12/07Final exam    

Access to the readings: a number of the papers are accessible through the ACM and IEEE Digital libraries. To access these for free using UW licenses, you will either have to be logged in from a UW IP address or you will have to go to the site and click the off-campus access (log in) icon in the upper-right of the screen. Some of the readings will be designated with a DOI: a unique "Digital Object Identifier" that has broad usage. You may have to navigate to the UW library's link to the ACM Digital Library or IEEE Xplore to access these papers.
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