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Project Milestones

In the first week of class, you will work with two people and make a proposal for a project.  You'll present your project proposal in class on September 28, 2012.  You'll then vote for your favorite proposals and form project teams of about 5-10 people.  Note that not all proposals will be projects we execute.  Once your team is formed, you'll need to identify a project manager.  The project manager will the primary contact point with the CSE 403 staff.  The project manager is the only required role for your team.

Throughout the quarter, you'll execute your project.  While you'll have a lot of autonomy over what you build, how you'll organize yourselves, how you it, and what tools you'll use, there are a few milestones along the way.

Turn in assignments here: Class Dropbox

 Deliverable Assigned Due
Preliminary Requirements 10/3    10/8
Preliminary Architecture/Design/Tool/Process Plan 10/8 10/15
Revised Requirements  10/22
Revised Arch/Design/Tools/Process Plan  10/22
Initial schedule with Milestones 10/15 10/22
"Prototype"  10/22
First Release 10/22 11/05
Second Release 11/06 11/19
Final Release 11/20 12/8
Wrap Up 11/26 12/8